Colin Ball


Colin leads London’s award winning lighting team. From a background in architecture, Colin has worked as a lighting designer for 25 years, with nine years’ previous experience at Speirs + Major and six years at Isometrix Lighting + Design prior to joining BDP in 2011. His experience ranges from developing innovative techniques for lighting World Heritage venues plus carbon exemplary projects for cutting edge science institutes. He has a particular focus on influencing the daylighting condition of the architecture and undertakes detailed studies of the occupants’ behaviour to save large amounts of energy. Colin has delivered a series of lectures across the UK, Europe, Middle East and the Americas about how Light in Faith is represented from historical, religious and psychological perspectives in architecture and contemporary art.

An organiser of a London Light & Film Festival, Colin also delivers talks on parallels of lighting between films, theatre and architecture. He has authored a number of articles for national and international professional lighting magazines referencing elements of these lectures and has acted as a judge for various international design awards.