Nick Hoggett

dpa lighting consultants

Nick Hoggett started work with Derek Phillips Associates as it was called then in 1979. Derek was a pioneer of independent lighting consultancy as a discipline, which worked alongside his architectural practice. Nick quickly focused his interest on lighting design, inspired by Derek’s passion and the projects that were global even at that time. Derek recognised Nick’s passion for lighting design and made him a Partner in 1986. Derek retired in 1992 when Nick took over the business and then grew dpa lighting consultants with Partner Barry Hannaford. From the Oxfordshire studio Nick and Barry opened offices in London, Dubai, Japan and Edinburgh with additional Partners Gary Campbell, Douglas Brennan, Richard Bolt, David McNeil and recently Nicholas Belfield helping lead dpa lighting consultants forward. Nick believes passionately in dpa as a whole, rather than promoting individuals and the importance of consistently producing excellent work.

Nick and the dpa team have had the good fortune to be involved with numerous projects throughout the world and part of Nick’s philosophy is for the Practice to work on a broad cross section of different types of project, from the very smallest which was lighting s single picture in someone’s home to master-planning huge areas. When asked about favourite projects Nick always says he has been privileged to work on lots of really important and rewarding commissions but the most important ones are the projects currently being undertaken with the anticipation of making them better than anything before using all the experience from the past.