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With more than 20 years of market presence the Aldabra brand is recognised for its innovation, competency, and design. Aldabra is a reference point for professional architectural exterior and interior lighting. Aldabra operates all around the globe, from Europe to Asia, to Oceania, Africa and all over America.  Experience, competence and quality are enhanced by the attention that Aldabra reserves to the customer every day, supporting them in satisfying their needs. 

Through the use of innovative materials, Aldabra products are highly resistant to challenging environments: an essential element in an era of deep climate change. Thanks to continuous R&D activity, experience and quality assurance, Aldabra introduced, for the first time ever, a brand new feature: a Lifetime Warranty on water resistance. All Storm range lighting fixtures are subject to a lifetime warranty (conditions apply). All Aldabra lighting fixtures are designed and manufactured in Italy. 

Aldabra covers a large choice of categories:architectural exterior, architectural interior, nautical lighting and bespoke.