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Bringing you light every day; Labra believes that conscious and creative solutions are essential steps to improving the quality of our lives.
A Polish manufacturer of architectural and decorative lighting fixtures, the brand is helped by the idea of light thinking, which combines the awareness of using appropriate solutions and materials that are beneficial for both ourselves and the environment we live in. The team commit themselves to the highest quality standards through the precise workmanship of every item.
A family-run company open to people, ideas, and creative solutions, Labra believes that good relationships are the foundation of growth, success, and good energy. As a manufacturer, it is responsible for how it interacts with its environment, how it shapes it, and whether it approaches it by respecting its rules and values. By designing and manufacturing fixtures in Poland for over a decade, Labra is pursuing an important principle of production – by being local.
Represented in the UK by FW Lighting.