Stand: U28

Unibox stands proudly as a prominent manufacturer of ceiling light boxes, integrated light panels and bespoke linear luminaires. Since its establishment in 1991, the company has been seamlessly merging the realms of engineering and creativity. Through continuous innovation and utilization of cutting-edge LED technologies, combined with their commitment to sustainability using responsibly sourced aluminium, Unibox has successfully developed an extensive range of lighting solutions. These encompass standard offerings, as well as tailor-made and exclusive creations to suit diverse commercial, leisure, retail, and hospitality interiors. 

With a rich history of practical involvement spanning several decades, Unibox has earned the esteemed position of being the preferred supplier for an expansive global network of architects and designers. This esteemed clientele greatly benefits from the company’s overarching objective, which revolves around empowering their valued clients and partners. Unibox achieves this by openly sharing its profound insights, remarkable capabilities, and unwavering expertise. This collaborative approach consistently leads to the creation of interior lighting solutions that transcend boundaries and epitomise excellence on a global scale.