Raluca Dascalita

Delta Lighting Design

Having trained as an architect, Raluca Dascalita decided to fully dedicate herself to lighting in 2016 – starting her professional journey at MBLD before moving on to Delta Lighting Design in 2018. Influenced by her own experience with light; her struggles with getting enough quality rest and detach; as well as her research and understanding that the Dark Sky is a concept vaster than bringing back the stars and protecting the various species affected by light pollution.

Dascalita says: “I am a true believer in the power of light – or better yet, the lack of light – to improve our sleep, our mood and consequently, our state of mind and general wellbeing. I am therefore dedicated to expanding the conversation about the Dark Sky and exploring together with my peers more ways in which we can reduce light pollution in large urban conglomerates, and counteract the human fascination with ‘cities that never sleep’ with a better offering: ‘cities that sleep well’.”