Sam Bird

Trindade & Bird / BIID

Sam has been working in the interior design industry for more than 15 years and founded Trindade & Bird with his wife Louise in 2008. Sam heads up the design team to deliver and manage high-end residential interior projects to the highest of standards. Sam takes a keen interest in design and build projects and is an expert in his field for interior architecture and technical knowledge, which he has developed through years of experience, and a hands-on approach to the design and installation process.

“I have had the privilege of working on a wide variety of design projects and have delivered exceptional and inspiring interiors both in the UK and abroad including a 3-year self-build project for a holiday home in the South of France, and most recently the complete remodelling and renovation of a country residence in Kent. I believe that good design should always be tailored to the individual, and we as designers should always listen to our clients’ needs for their space. The homes we live in are a place where we relax, have fun, laugh, and cry, so we all need a home to be warm, comfortable and safe.

“When I start new projects, I always like to begin with a good understanding of how my client likes to live and look at how the interior architecture can then flow in harmony with my client and their family. I take great inspiration from the natural world, being a keen mountain biker, and an avid sea seeker, I am drawn to the great outdoors. I also teach a traditional form of karate in my free time, and have travelled throughout Japan, so all of these influences are reflected in the way I design – not so much as a visual style, but more of a design ethos which can be seen throughout what I would describe as our unique design thread. I am personally drawn to organic interiors with warm colour palettes. I believe that we all search for too greater perfection in our lives, and I actively embrace a more realistic approach that forgives and celebrates the beauty of imperfection, which can ultimately
make us all happier.”