Chloe Salvi

Lighting Designer

Chloe graduated with an MA in Lighting Design from Edinburgh Napier University. Her knowledge of lighting stems from her professional background in photography during which she developed her understanding of light as an expressive tool that can create an atmosphere able to communicate strong emotions and feelings.

Following her graduation, Chloe gained experience assisting public light art installations such as ‘Garden of Light’ by French artists TILT in Leicester Square during London Lumiere, ‘Alley of Light’ at the Amsterdam International Light Festival and Leo Villareal’s ‘Illuminated River’ project on London’s Thames. She then transitioned into architectural lighting and worked with an award-winning independent lighting design studio in the US, assisting high-end commercial projects in the Bay Area following the latest local energy efficiency standards and LEED certifications.

Back in the UK, Chloe worked with an independent practice specialising in creative public realm lighting and is now working with a studio specialised in high end hospitality delivering elegant atmospheres worldwide.

Chloe is passionate about ecology, sustainability and promoting mindful lighting design approaches that consider the impact of lighting on the environment and the species that inhabit it. She has recently become a mum and has kickstarted with Ruth Kelly Waskett a peer support group for all current and prospective parents in the industry.