Talks Programme

[d]arc thoughts @ LiGHT 22

Curated and moderated by the [d]arc media editorial team, [d]arc thoughts is a two-day talks programme that will be held as part of LiGHT 22.

In collaboration with lighting control specialist Lutron, the programme will feature lively panel discussions from high profile designers working with architectural and decorative lighting design.

All the talks are FREE to attend, all you need to do is register as a visitor for the show.

Tuesday, 22 November

10:30 | The Future of Materials      

Moderator: Sarah Cullen, darc magazine

Panelists: Dave Hollingsbee of Stoane Lighting; Esther Patterson of Curiousa; Oksana Bondar of BIOHM; Massimiliano Tosetto of Lodes

This panel will look at The Future of Materials within lighting design and look to address questions such as: Should manufacturers and product designers be looking at new and environmentally friendly resources? How does technology play a role in the materials available? How does the current economic climate affect the availability of materials?

11:45 | Lighting Design as a Strategy for Inclusion      

Speaker: Paolo Creati

As a teacher of students with special educational needs, Paolo Creati has recently conducted research into lighting for students with visual impairments. Off the back of his recent comment piece in arc magazine, he joins us at LiGHT 22 to explain more about the research project.

13:00 | Starting out in Design

Moderator: Emma Cogswell, Skills Army

Panelists: Isaac Nwaku – United in Design Graduate; Marci Song of SEAM Design / Silhouette Awards mentor, lighting designer, Michael Grubb

This panel will discuss what it takes to become established in the world of design; whether the opportunities presented are always fair and available to all; and what lead designers could do to promote marginal groups within design.

14:15 | The Lifespan of a Project

Moderator: Sarah Cullen, darc magazine

Panelists: Carmela Dagnello of WSP & Women in Lighting; Colin Ball of BDP; Kristina Allison of Atkins Global

The lifespan of a project is something of increasing importance. Designers must continue to ask themselves; how can you make a project last the distance, but when the time does come to replace components or refresh the design, how do you achieve this successfully while remaining mindful of budgets and eco-considerations.

15:30 | Project Focus – Tivoli Cinema

Moderator: Helen Ankers

Panelists: Anna Burles of Run For The Hills & Neil Knowles of Elektra Lighting

[d]arc media’s managing editor, Helen Ankers sits down with interior designer Anna Burles and lighting designer Neil Knowles to deconstruct the Tivoli Cinema project they worked on together. Discussing the design brief, relationship between interiors and lighting and challenges of the project.

16:45 | Masters of Light

Moderator: Matt Waring, arc magazine

Panelists: Sally Storey of LDI; Nick Hoggett of dpa lighting consultants; Mark Major of Speirs Major

We bring together founding members of the UK’s lighting design community to share their thoughts and insight on the profession. The designers will look at how the industry has grown, predictions for the future and reflect on past projects and trends.

18:00 | How to be Brilliant… At Being ‘On It’

Moderators: Jess Gallacher & Rob Hall, ILP

Panelists: Brad Joseph & Juan Ferrari

This session of How to be Brilliant features Brad Joseph and Juan Ferrari of Hoare Lea, who are renowned for championing compassion, honesty and fun times. Having lit iconic places such as Heathrow Airport and County Hall, as well as sculptures for mental health and wellbeing, they know their stuff and practice what they preach. Whatever point you are at in your studies or career, communicating, actioning, and challenging is a must! We welcome you to come and listen to Juan and Brad’s experience and advice, and be inspired.

Wednesday, 23 November

10:30 | Light Art      

Moderator: Matt Waring, arc magazine

Panelists: Jason Bruges; Frankie Boyle; Helen Marriage of Artichoke

The Light Art discussion will look at the distinction between ‘Light Art’ and ‘Art that uses Light’; what makes an installation a work of light art and how the medium is changing. The panel will also look to address diversity within the light art world.

11:30 | Design for Wellness      

Moderator: Sarah Cullen, darc magazine

Panelists: Miguel Aguado of Lutron; Kael Gillam of Hoare Lea; Sam Bird, Trindade & Bird / BIID member; Dr Shelley James of Age of Light Innovations

Designing with wellness in mind can mean different things to different people. This panel will consider how we design effectively, while ensuring different groups are catered for so that health is always the focus – both physically and mentally.

12:30 | Specifying Bespoke Lighting      

Moderator: Sarah Cullen, darc magazine

Panelists: Simon Shuck of Inspired by Design; Darren Orrow of Into; Mark Sutton Vane of Sutton Vane Associates; Nick Wraith of Unibox

How popular are bespoke lighting services becoming? What kind of projects call for it? What are some of the complexities and processes involved? Featuring some of the leading designers in bespoke lighting, this talk will aim to answer all of these questions and more.

13:30 | LiGHT Lunch

Join us on the second day of the show for a complementary networking lunch held at the [d]arc thoughts stage from 1.30pm.

Mingle with colleagues and peers or if you prefer, take the weight off your feet and sit down to enjoy a video interview with internationally celebrated product designer, Michael Anastassiades, where he discusses the intricacies of his designs and lighting trends, all while you enjoy a bite to eat or sip a mimosa or two.

14:30 | The Weaponisation of Light      

Moderator: Matt Waring, arc magazine

Panelists: Edward Bartholomew of Light Justice; independent designer, Satu Streatfield, Ruth-Kelly Waskett of Hoare Lea

Continuing the conversation around Diversity in Design, this talk will look at the hierarchy of lighting; particularly how lighting in under-priviledged areas can contribute to societal inequalities.

15:45 | Dark Skies      

Moderator: Matt Waring, arc magazine

Panelists: Nathalie Quadrio of Nature in Light; Raluca Dascalita of Delta Lighting Design; Inessa Lomas of Arup; Dan Oakley – Dark Skies Specialist

The issue of Dark Sky protection is very pertinent at the moment; as such this panel will explore this further and what lighting designers and manufacturers can do to help dark sky environments.