Juan Ferrari

Hoare Lea

Juan has worked in lighting from a young age, first in theatre and for the past 18 years in architectural lighting. He is passionate about lighting narrative and its effects on people, having perception at the forefront of his design.

He believes that design is about collaboration and takes responsibility for creating environments in which people feel valued and empowered, seek opinions, share ideas, and foster an open platform where people can express themselves to help them achieve their full potential.

He has a particular view about the challenges that we are facing, he is committed to succeed and encourages people to work together, he observes:   “Never in my life, not for a single second, I’ve thought we had to be environmentally conscious with our actions to save the planet. Humans, we are such an arrogant bunch, thinking that we can save it! We just need to be as clever and as dedicated as possible, using our skills and intelligence to service this environmental catastrophe. By doing this, we might be able to have a place for ourselves and our future generations in this beautiful world we live in. My arrogant self thinks we can do this together.”

Juan studied lighting design at RCSSD and he is a Member SLL and CIBSE.  He enjoys talking about lighting and he actively participates as speaker for industry events nationally and internationally and has been invited to talk and lecture by prestigious institutions such as PLDC, ILP, RADA and IED.