Natalia Duffy


Natalia Duffy heads Cundall’s Lighting Design team. She is a chartered engineer with a Master of Engineering and Master of Light and Lighting from the Bartlett, UCL. She began her career as an electrical engineer and in the past decade she has specialised in lighting design.  At Cundall, she collaborates with the global lighting team as well as the wider Birmingham design team, contributing her knowledge of lighting services, techniques, software, technologies, and the lighting industry’s policies.

Natalia has contributed to the successful delivery of projects in a range of sectors including commercial, residential, education, transport and sports and leisure. She was also the lead designer for the public realm lighting strategy of Paradise, a new commercial and cultural hub that pays homage to Birmingham’s compelling history and allows freedom of movement for pedestrians though the city.

Natalia’s background in both engineering and architecture allows her to combine creative architectural lighting concepts with engineering aspects in design solutions – something she is very passionate about.