Nick Hickson


THDP was founded by partners Architect Manuela Mannino & Interior Designer Nick Hickson in 2005 – together they have over 50 years of experience. With studios in London and Milan, THDP designs and oversees pioneering projects throughout Europe.

Nick Hickson is British furniture, lighting, and interior designer for more than 34 years. He has worked with high-end interior residential and commercial projects for international clients and developers in exclusive areas of London and worldwide. He has extensive experience with hotel interior architecture, schematic planning, FF&E selection & custom design, and procurement strategies. He has a contemporary approach to traditional manufacturing and combined with his attention to detail, he delivers inspirational award-winning interiors and furnishings.

THDP’s creative teams work comfortably in the demanding discipline of hospitality design. Its approach springs from an endless creative curiosity, theyare not just designers, architects, concept developers, photographers, or communicators – they are all of those and much more. As designers, they are ‘storytellers’, this is the foundation of a clear, appealing, and distinctive concept & narrative, in short, THDP creates evocative interiors, hotels, and restaurants.

THDP creates compelling properties by narrating a coherent concept, one that listens to the soul of the property, the considerations of the owners, and the history of the location. The studio evolves award-winning spaces and extraordinary adventures for hotel guests, creating beautiful hotels, bars & restaurants that thrive on their local culture and heritage. It creates intelligent interiors, plan every detail, and design from first principles to empower prosperity. Welcoming to guests, inspiring their loyalty, and leveraging their enthusiasm by creating word-of-mouth publicity.