Stand: U6

Archion is an architectural lighting brand that understands architecture and space and maximises physical, optical and electrical properties. Archion was created by the accumulated experience of lighting, electrical and IT experts at a lighting solutions company called B2. During the early stages of Archion’s formation, these experts took the opinions and concerns of numerous designers, to shape Archion into what it is today, a successful and professional lighting brand.

Furthermore, Archion is specifically created for “architectural lighting” because our developers think about “architecture” before moving on to lighting fixture design. The design begins with research of the architectural environment and how the product matches the architecture. It aims for oneness with the architecture, making subtle and complementary changes to the appearance of the architecture. Ultimately, Archion’s story was born out of a consideration for architecture and architectural lighting.

And as we look back, I believe our story is worth telling because many architectural tales are told with Archion as the protagonist. For, beneath each of these architectural legends you will find our work in collaboration with the best lighting designers in Korea. These include the intricate challenges and added value of enhancing the architecture of palaces, hospitals, department stores, art installations and bridges, to name a few.

Finally, we face these challenges and add value because of our physical, optical and electrical properties. Physically, we have a strength and protection that is highly competitive, and the aiming of our lights is accurate and intricate. Regarding the electrical features, our long through wiring extends far beyond other linear lighting brands, and we utilise DMX/RDM and dimming. Finally, our optics include a variety of different lenses and second optics, as well as the best glare control and diffusers in the industry. To put it bluntly, the future looks bright for Archion.