Cariboni Group

Stand: 11

Cariboni was founded by Osvaldo Cariboni in 1908 in Lombardy to produce accessories for power lines. Since 1965 we have developed numerous important and original technological lighting sector innovations, as well as gained in-depth experience in light system management. A genuine passion for lighting and a constant commitment to research and innovation are our cutting edge. 

We offer solutions for lighting small towns and big cities: cycle and pedestrian paths, vehicle routes, squares, parks and gardens, architectures; workspaces and areas for leisure, culture and well-being, for sport and mobility. All our solutions are part of a cohesive system that allows designers to combine different photometric distributions, installation methods and light flow management options to meet every single requirement more effectively. 

All stages of design and production have always taken place in Italy, in synergy with a tight network of local companies with which we have established solid relationships of trust over time. 

We acknowledge that consideration is a fundamental value, not just for the area where we operate, but for the entire planet and all the life that occupies it. We collaborate with local authorities and institutions to benefit the community we feel part of. We support national excellence, especially in the areas of creativity and technological research. Every design and production decision we make is based on an assessment of its capacity to respect the environment, and we make lighting systems that optimise energy consumption and only illuminate when and where light is needed. We limit light pollution to protect the night and conserve the natural biological rhythms of flora and fauna. Our products are durable and reliable, and we rationalise the use of materials and resources throughout every stage of development.