Cemdag Lighting

Stand: U31

Cemdag Lighting was established in Izmir in 1968. Cemdag Lighting, which specializes in indoor and outdoor technical lighting, has been managed by the CEM family, with the CEM brand, which is the founding surname, since its establishment.

Cemdag Lighting, which also has subsidiaries in different countries of the world, is an industrial establishment that makes effective, fast, and high-capacity production in 4 different production and logistics facilities established on a total area of 54.000m². CEM brand lighting fixtures illuminate more than 250 cities in over 50 countries on 5 continents. More than 5.5 million city lighting products are actively used. In addition to the R&D, laboratory and test center accredited by international institutions, it has 79 patents from the patent institution.

The fields of activity of Cemdag Lighting include highways, tunnels, refineries, stadiums, airports/aprons, health institutions, gas stations, ports, shopping centers, educational institutions, sports facilities, train and metro stations, hotels, factories, horticultural, building facade and historical artifacts are illuminated.

By adopting the vertical integrated strategy, it offers its consumers high capacity in production and fast delivery. Cemdag Lighting is in a structure that constantly renews itself in terms of lighting services as well as product supply. Being the domestic market leader in all product groups, increasing the global market share, continuous research and development, stable financial growth are the strategic goals of Cemdag Lighting.