At Heper, we claim to be an advocate for the importance of the right use of light. With our mission of “improving life #thrulight” we think not only of today but of the future and bring our experience and knowledge together for a better future and society. We respect nature in all its forms and the needs of our society through our mission to support life.

We are committed to offering contemporary products for architectural, landscape and façade lighting applications. Composed of highly durable and eco-friendly materials, every HEPER luminaire stands out showing marks of engineering mastery, modern design and exquisite optics.

We also pride ourselves on making bespoke products for custom projects. No matter what the quantities are, we put our utmost effort into complementing exceptional projects around the world. Flexibility, custom production and creating solutions are the highlights of our brand. Whenever you feel the necessity of a custom design luminaire solution, our experienced team will take the lead and assist in every phase of the project. Always working hand in hand with lighting designers and architects, we turn your imagination into realisation. We are at your disposal when you search for an option uniquely yours.

Design and technology are two concepts inspiring us to run an endless marathon in the search of more light. We aspire to give shape to the future of lighting with technology to provide smart solutions enhancing people’s life and nature.