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We design and manufacture lighting solutions utilising LED technology.
Our systems are intended for indoor and outdoor use in residential, office and public spaces. 

The core of the company’s activity has always been conscious design, in which the function and quality of the product form a harmonious whole. We are distinguished by the flexibility of the offered forms, modularity and systematicity, which allows architects, corporate and individual customers to design and select LED lighting solutions tailored to their needs. Thanks to an extensive network of representatives, the offer of KLUŚ is now delivered to architectural offices and customers in several dozen countries in Europe, as well as in Asia, Australia and the USA. 

We design and manufacture solutions for LED lighting for indoor and outdoor applications, thanks to which: 

  • you can illuminate the designed space beautifully and functionally, 
  • ensure convenient, efficient installation for contractors, 
  • your customer will have the possibility of easy, system-based servicing of lighting fixtures, 
  • you can install waterproof LED lighting in floors, driveways, parking lots or on building facades. 

KLUŚ LED solutions are eagerly used for large, difficult projects due to their systematic assembly and service. We are particularly interested in bold projects that emphasise the potential of KLUŚ products.