Lena Lighting

darc space: D18

Innovation, sophisticated design and attention to individual needs in harmony with nature. Lena Lighting has been pursuing the vision of sustainable lighting continuously for more than 30 years, supplying its proprietary technologies to 70 countries around the world.  

Lena Lighting’s extensive portfolio is a response to the growing demands of everyday life in its most diverse forms. Architectural lamps, industrial lamps and road luminaires with impressive performance and broad functionalities have become synonymous with the highest quality and attention to detail. All with people and their surroundings in mind. 

Created in the Human Centric Lighting trend, the lamps of the Polish brand help to arrange unique spaces, imbuing them with individualism and harmony. They support the natural diurnal rhythm of man, taking care of his well-being every day. Lena Lighting products reflect the inner quest for peace, comfort and beauty inherent in each of us. 

Together with leading designers and architects, Lena Lighting creates an original style, combining the flair of the classic with elements of bold avant-garde and modernity. This synergy of colours, shapes and colour temperatures of light, provides optimal conditions for relaxation and work. Combined with intelligent light management systems, it builds up the aesthetics of the interior and emphasises its unique character.  

Lena Lighting’s mission is to design and produce lighting with respect for the planet, its multifaceted nature and the resources it shares with us every day. Responsible management of factory processes, minimisation of the carbon footprint, high energy efficiency and long-lasting life of the final products are key principles bringing the brand closer to climate neutrality.