Stand: U37

Luxxbox designs and manufactures acoustic lighting and flexible solutions for modern, collaborative spaces. Our products are designed to enhance light, sound and comfort, transforming workplaces and open areas into happy, healthy spaces the world over.  

From the outset, Luxxbox stamped its mark as a disruptor in commercial furniture and lighting markets. Our initial designs went beyond the traditional, reinventing the everyday into playful, colourful interpretations of practical furniture and lighting pieces. As we’ve continued to grow, our design studio welcomed a dedicated manufacturing facility, which to this day, continues to combine international expertise with local knowledge and materials to create products to take to the world. 

Peering through the looking glass several years back, the business foresaw a need to re-imagine how open spaces could be filled. Taking on the challenge of addressing flexibility, sound and collaboration through design, Luxxbox reinvents workplaces and open spaces into healthy and happy environments. 

With our multi-international award-winning acoustic lighting range, Luxxbox has proven that from little things big things grow. From humble stools and decorative pendants, we’ve delivered on our intention to take a unique design aesthetic to the world with innovative commercial design. All this done in our pursuit of passionate, curious and authentic design. 

Now as a leading international designer of acoustic and flexible solutions, we continue to create decorative and innovative solutions designed for modern, collaborative spaces. Servicing clients across the US through an extensive distributor network as well as right across the globe and our home base in Australia. Luxxbox is committed to developing authentic, original designs and is a proud member of Be Original Americas.