darc space: D1

At Marset, we’re convinced that we do more than lamps. We take care of light and its various nuances and effects to improve people’s quality of life.

Design is what sets us apart at Marset, and that’s where our vocation for good design was born: to make a product with the utmost rigor and innovation that generates a beautiful light and that can surprise, thrill and endure, so that we can contribute our bit to a more sustainable world. Through good design, Marset aims to conveys its most essential values: quality, technological rigor, innovation, sustainability, durability, and authenticity. 

Taking care of light 

 When it comes to illuminating a space, light allows us to decide what to reveal and what to hide, a game of contrasts that generates a surprise effect. In any setting, lamps become objects that help connect with the place, bring proportion, and generate intimacy and warmth around them. This is how light helps us appropriate the place and feel comfortable in it. 

Our collection proposes designs with lighting that does not dazzle, soft, that collects us and integrates into the space, whether it is indoors or outdoors. 

Through the language of light, the Marset collection wants to bring beauty, reveal textures, highlight spaces, and make them more liveable.