Mushroom Lighting

Stand: 70

Mushroom Lighting knows, understands and is passionate about lighting and is committed about every single one of the installations and projects it takes on, from a single spotlight to a sculpture gallery in the Maldives, no matter how small or large the budget or how humble or prestigious the client.

Mushroom Lighting works closely with all its clients, becoming part of the team, so it can make sure their every lighting  need is met. As well as custom building lighting control systems, we also customize light fittings to suit clients requirements. We also have an active B2B rental service specialising in outdoor and battery lighting, as well as gobo projection.

Mushroom are Distributors in UK for Gantom, SPX Lighting, Lupo and Teclumen. We will be exhibiting products from Studio Due and fabulous glass sculptures from Jo Andersson Studios