Prado | invisible home technology | creating cleaner ceilings and walls 

 Show what you want, hide what you need. Prado was founded by Thibault Renson in 2020. Its aim is to create home technology that highlights what matters most without being present.  

At Prado, you will find smart combinations, such as light + ventilation, light + motion, as well as a lighting collection, sockets and push buttons with a unique design and so on. Where Prado brings peace to the ceiling with invisible home technology, rond does so to the wall. The vision to work on simple and pure solutions to make the interior of your home smarter and more aesthetically pleasing is complementary.

An experienced research and development team works hand-in-hand with skilled artisans to develop innovative solutions with the aim of creating added value for everyone involved. Its focus is on function, form and highly durable materials that make the difference. Design meets technology.