Stand: U26

Pro-Lite is a UK-based supplier of specialist equipment and services with a technical focus in the following areas of photonics: instruments for measuring light and the optical properties of materials; photometry; lasers and laser safety equipment; opto-mechanics and nano-positioning equipment; optics and optical materials; and spectroscopy and spectral imaging. Pro-Lite Technology Ltd is part of the Pro-Lite Group of Companies, which includes Photometric & Optical Testing Services, SphereOptics Germany, Pro-Lite France and Pro-Lite Iberia. 

Pro-Lite provides a complete solution in the field of photometry and the measurement of light, lighting products and the optical properties of materials. Our range of equipment takes in the full “tool kit” that those working with lighting products might need, including handheld illuminance meters, colorimeters, spot luminance meters, integrating spheres in sizes from 25cm to 3m diameter, 2D imaging photometers for lit area luminance uniformity measurements and a range of advanced goniophotometres.   

New for 2023 is the SSL range of professional grade goniophotometres, the instrument capable of creating IES & LDT photometric data files. With inflation squeezing company finances more than ever, SSL goniophotometres are designed to deliver professional-grade performance to suit all budgets. Customers can choose from entry-level SSL-LAMP series, or for a moderate uplift we offer an SSL-LUMI model with added features that make life that little bit easier. SSL-LUMI models can be equipped with a burn-position correction option for full compliance with international lighting standards (IES LM79-19, CIE S025 and EN 13032).