Universal Fibre Optics

Stand: U41

Since our foundation over 32 years ago, UFO Lighting has steadily built up the reputation of being the UK’s premier manufacturer of complete fibre optic, and more recently, LED lighting systems.

We are well known for our work in multiple environments. Our products can be found in areas as diverse as prestigious museums where a tiny light fitting illuminates a priceless historical artefact to atriums of five-star hotels where we have huge chandeliers wowing the guests and providing a spectacular focal point.

UFO is a truly multinational company with premises and local representation throughout North America and in Europe and the Middle East.
Unlike many others we are complete systems manufacturers. We design and manufacture our own products in-house in the UK, using state-of-the-art machinery. We also manufacture the fibre used in our lighting products. This benefits our clients in many ways, not least through our ability to quickly turnaround custom fittings and fibre optic harnesses which can be unique to your particular project.

Contributing to the circular economy and taking our environmental responsibilities seriously are very important to us. All our LED products use the highest quality components with long operating lives. When a component reaches end of life we have in-house engineers who can replace or repair the part, thus reducing unnecessary waste from scrapping and replacing complete lighting systems.

Your project deserves to be shown in its best light. Illuminate it with a UFO Lighting system.