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Vivalyte offers innovative led solutions for light boxes, illuminated signs and architectural lighting. By using a wide range of innovative lighting solutions, deep technical expertise, and an unparalleled customer service, we solve even the most challenging lighting issues.  

Smart signageVivalyte is a market leader in smart signage, offering sustainable solutions that provide great real-time control and adaptability, while at the same time significantly lowering exploitation costs.  

Light engines for light boxesAs a leading company in smart and sustainable lighting, Vivalyte remains the No. 1 choice in most European countries when it comes to light engines for light boxes.  

Dynamic lightboxesWorldwide customers love the ability to add animation and tell a story with a single printed canvas. The dynamic messages create amazing stopping power at a very reasonable price.  

Architectural lightingIn more recent years, Vivalyte is also increasingly positioning itself as a reliable partner in the field of architecture, whether it is the creative lighting of buildings, events, landscapes or art installations. 

Engineering-as-a-serviceFor those challenges where no ready-made solution yet exists, the team of Vivalyte lighting engineers is never afraid to help make dreams come true. With years of experience in hundreds of specially designed projects, we can provide you with a lot of inspiration and best practices that will accomplish your project fast and efficient.